Monday, June 30, 2014

Android one: Top 5 reasons why Google's handet will succeed

Google revealed the new Android One line that targets emerging markets at its recent I/O conference. Google senior vice president Sundar Pichai announced the new program that will bring both affordable and with fair specs and features and unique Android experience.

Here are the five reasons why Google's new Android One will be a huge success

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Microsoft Office app for IPAD

Microsoft Office fans who’ve spent the last nine months using the software’s suite of apps on their tiny smartphone screens are probably thrilled that they can finally create and update documents on the iPad’s significantly bigger display surface.

The new version of Office for Apple’s tablet is not likely to be a big deal for anyone else. While the apps are beautiful, intuitive and include many familiar functions from the popular desktop version of Office, typing and maneuvering the cursor within documents remains awkward and inefficient.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Rumors about the Apple iPhone 6 Key Features

New iPhone 6 rumors and leaks point to better display technology and a new iPhone 6 battery details. Displays and battery life are

An iPhone 6 with a new Sapphire display that is resistant to scratches is closer to reality as a new Apple patent shows how the company can make a Sapphire display resistant to fingerprints as well.

Apple invested over half a billion dollars in GT Advanced Technologies in 2013, to secure the company’s Sapphire creation abilities and reports indicate Apple is pushing for speedy production at the U.S. facility and expanding the factory to ramp up for a new product that uses Sapphire.

A separate series of iPhone 6 rumors point to iPhone 6 battery production and assembly changes for the new model, which bring more automation to the process.

iPhone 6 Display Rumors

Apple is not talking about the iPhone 6 at this time, but multiple reports outline plans to use a larger display in the iPhone 6 with a Sapphire cover instead of a chemically strengthened glass like the iPhone 5s uses. The current iPhone display does not scratch easily, but after six to 12 months some iPhones start to show scratches on the screen from jewelry, keys and other objects.

Apple uses Sapphire on the iPhone 5s lens cover, to prevent scratches from ruining photos and in 2014 the iPhone 6 could feature a Sapphire display that is very hard to scratch.

This new Apple patent, discovered by Apple Insider shows that Apple overcame a major hurdle to introducing Sapphire display covers on an iPhone or iPad. The Oleophobic coating on Sapphire patent outlines how Apple can apply a coating to a Sapphire display cover in bulk that lasts longer than previous coatings.